Absolute Male Massage Terms & Conditions

Absolute Male Massage Terms & Conditions


In order to avoid disappointment and prevent any misunderstandings we insist that the following terms be observed on confirmation of your booking. This is to protect both you and us from getting into any undesirable situations that could be avoided by simple understanding.


You MUST be at least 18 years of age. If we think you do not look at least over 21, we will require ID such as a driver’s license or a valid credit card in your name. The laws in the UK are very strict about this and we have every intention of adhering to them.


All quoted prices include a transportation fee that covers travel within Central London only. If you are outside this are, we will happily quote you for any additional transportation outside this area; we will only charge you a reasonable amount related to what the extra mileage (and time) actually costs.


Note: For Airport (Heathrow, Gatwick) bookings please add £60 before 9pm and £90 thereafter.


Bookings outside Absolute Male Massage opening hours (10am – 10pm daily) may incur a £100 surcharge at our discretion.


In order to secure your booking, reservations for 2 or more masseurs requires advance payment of a non-refundable deposit which will be 25% of the agreed fee. Payment can be made over the phone on 0777 200 7074


Cancellations within 24 hours of your confirmed booking time will incur a 50% fee of the confirmed booking price. A booking is confirmed once you received the address. In case of no-show or a last minute cancelation 50% fee of the booking price will apply. (minimum fee £100)


Our Right to Refuse Massage or other Services

Absolute Male Massage reserves the right to refuse service to any client(s) whose intentions, behaviour or personal hygiene is not consistent with the policies we adhere to. This is to prevent violation of our staff’s rights and prevent situations where their health or safety might be compromised.


About The Services We Offer

♦  Absolute Male Massage is strictly a massage therapy service and in NO WAY invites the provision sexual services.

♦  Although the Absolute Male Massage can be clearly defined as a sensual-erotic experience; this does not imply that we invite or seek invitation for intercourse or other sexual activities. We do not offer nor perform intercourse with or oral sex on our clients.

♦  When processing your booking Absolute Male Massage is acting as an agent and will arrange for you to enter into a contract with the individual masseur.

Some Things to Prepare You for Your Massage

Before Your Massage

Please take a shower before your therapist’s arrival

This not only ensures a good healthy environment for the therapist, it also means that anything that is on your skin, such as bacteria or dust, will not be “worked into” the body. One of the primary aims of therapeutic massage is to aid the body in cleansing itself so preventing further entry points for toxins is why a shower taken soon before a massage appointment is beneficial as well as hygienic.

Set the room temperature at a comfortable, warm level

We want you to be as comfortable as possible so having the right environment for massage is essential and bearing in mind that massage takes place with many areas of the body exposed so make sure you have set a suitable temperature for the room. Having said that, massage will generate heat in your muscles too and the masseur will too, so don’t go crazy with the thermostat otherwise you will both be uncomfortable.

By booking a service with Absolute Male Massage you agree to remain in a totally PASSIVE role throughout the massage with no touching the person performing massage and agree to being guided in every way by them in relation to the contact you will have. You may certainly express your desire to avoid parts of your body that would be included in a regular massage session but you do not wish to be exposed or touched by the therapist.

After the massage

Please allow your masseur to take a shower after finishing the massage, and provide a clean towel for their use.

Application of the Terms and Conditions

These terms are applicable to all who make a booking here who are known throughout our website as ‘Clients’. Any breach of the Terms laid out here may result in an immediate (and most likely a permanent) ban from our business premises and a denial of further services. These Terms apply equally and unconditionally to anyone who is deemed as a “client” without infringing on their personal rights within the law.

  • Gay massages in London are available right here at our central London spa or you can enjoy an outcall massage at your home/hotel




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    Please note: we are usually booked up for immediate appointments. If you are looking for a last-minute appointment, by all means call us but if you don’t want to compromise on quality, please book at least 24 hours ahead.


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